Tansform dynamically 3270 and 5250 applications into Web UI application ans simplify processes while adding new business functions.

'State of th art' implementation

« JEE 8 / HTML 5 / SPRING / REST »

Thin Client

Any HMLT 5 browser
Multi-device PC IOS Android

Industrial & automated modernization process

'On the fly' automated webization
Rules engine



Crysalid use a 'on the fly' process to transforms your 3270 and 5250 applications with a secured Web Gui access thru any HTML5 browser (tablet & PC):

  • Out of the box : ready to work without any change of COBOL code and without Mainframe components.
  • Comprehensive : modern Web Gui CSS3 interfce applied to any mainframe screen, using your ergonomy standards - no need of Mainframe source code access.
  • Adaptive: instananeous &, dynamic Web transformation when any mainframe modification is applied.
  • 'User friendly': no change in user behaviour, reuse of 3270 or 5250 keyboard.


The unique Crysalid Web transformation engine allows a phased webization project for your 3270/5250 applicaitons, while simplifying and enhancing navigation, data key-in and displaying.

  • Optimize processes duration, enhance data key-in quality, facilitate new users appropriation.
  • Multilingual translation of Mainframe applications with automated & 'on-the-fly' process thru server-based thesaurus usage
  • FLYUI : high Web Gui tranformation thru smart and adaptative rules libraries - no double maintenance.
  • SMARTUI :Web Gui business redefinition with services and data integration (REST)


Due to Crysalid, no more TELNET flow : acesss using HTTP(S)... and no more!

Crysalid enabled RACF identification, thru NETVIEW (or similar softwr), but also Passticket.


Straightforwardness and Enterprise-scale performances

Integration & deployment speed

The only softwre t enable usage of an industrialized, automated & non-intrusive process wuth instant result.
Crysalid enabled a high quality Web Gui transformation, while allowing functional enhancements annd thirs-party services.

Your Mainframe Development/maintenance environment remains unchanged.

Its smart «on the fly» process enables a high Web Gui acess to your Mainframe transactions.

  • «Ready to deploy» 3270/5250 emulation framework.
  • Independent from your Mainframe and your architecture.
  • Non intrusive with your Mainframe applciations.

Production Performances

The Crysalid transformation engine presents very high performacnes, as it generates a very low JEE overhead and generates true light Web pages.

Its engine insures a high quality user response time, while managing thouand of simultaneous users.

  • Light web pages generation.
  • Very low level of JEE overhead.
  • User response time similar to 3270/5250 access.
  • Thousand of simultaneous users.


Mainframe modernization without risks

Short modernization projects regardless of the size of the Legacy (1 to a few weeks)

3270 legacy acces fluency

Crysalid enables a modern Web UI interface, rejuvenated thru CSS3 and consistent with your enterprise portal.

Integration with your portal is eased due to navigation scripts, optimizing direct access to business transactions and data.

The «point and click» UI replaces «functions keys» oriented navigation and leverage WEB UI intuitiveness for young generation users.


Productivity is reinforced thru:

  • memorization effort reduction for users,
  • removal of useless navigations thru business transactions,
  • ‘get & put’ process of business data between Mainframe and Web applications, avoiding data re-entry; and so, optimizing time saving and minimizing user errors.

As a base, Crysalid supports any kind of web browser running on a large scope of terminals (PC,IOS, Android).

Mainframe Modernization Speed-up

Crysalid is a well-proofed solution, running thousands of simultaneous users.

It enables Mainframe access with an optimized Web UI for each channel (back office, branch office, extranet, partners…).

Crysalid enables Mainframe applications function enrichment without COBOL modification :

  • portal integration,
  • data import/export to Web applications,
  • PDF printing,
  • enhanced security, …

very high level of performance ensuring best user response time, while handling thousands of users.

High level of savings :

  • suppression of 3270/5250 emulation software on workstations,
  • avoiding Mainframe transactions redevelopment, using SPA model

Crysalid needs are limited to a Java 8 server (Tomcat, WAS,…) without any database or any EJB.

Implementation Speed-up

Crysalid's short project model (a few weeks) enables progressive implementation, step by step.

It is riskless due to its Mainframe non-intrusive approach, as mainframe maintenance remains unchanged and mainframe transactions can still be accessed thru standard 3270/5250 emulators.

Its lightweight architecture does not require any cluster, while remaining scalable.

Its installation in your Java development factory (Eclipse,…) remains easy and its production deployment relies on your DEVOPS environment (GIT, MAVEN, Jenkins…).

Maintenance Simplification

One single point of maintenance: the Mainframe source code (Cobol, PL1, ASM…).
When modifying Mainframe transactions, Crysalid generates the resulting Web User Interface with an 'on the fly’, dynamic & automatic process, this without any mainframe intrusiveness,

So, Crysalid avoids any double maintenance (Mainframe & Web) and allows you to focus your WEB redevelopments on specific Mainframe screen that demand added-value changes.

Mainframe Access Security

Your entreprise Information System is instantly consolidated by the removal of TELNET flows, and by Mainframe access integration using HTTPS with SAMF (or others…).