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OXAVE CONSULTING is a publisher / integrator of its solutions and expert in the Key Accounts workstation.                     

We have been working for more than 20 years to redesign workstations in the Insurance Banking sector and have so much expertise in advanced technologies.

Our ergonomic approach streamlines business processes by harmonizing work situations and enhancing the customer experience.                     

Our solutions are currently deployed on more than 300,000 workstations, at several major players in the banking and insurance industry, in France and internationally.

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Webisation of mainframe's applications

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Oxave Consulting

1330 avenue Guilibert de la Lauzière
Europarc de Pichaury Bat B5
13 858 Aix en Provence cedex 3, France
Phone +33 1 64 15 60 60
Fax +33 1 64 15 60 13

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Phone +33 6 88 05 78 17

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Hot line +33 1 64 15 60 12

Our projects

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BNP Paribas

  • A standardized and secure platform for use of the Group Core Banking software package for all international subsidiaries.
  • A high level of availability and high performance.
  • Advanced industrialization of the multi lingual production line for all services (Front and Back Office).

Crédit Agricole

  • An ambitious goal of modernization and projection of the station of tomorrow.
  • Integration and management of mainframe CICS transactions within a thin client workstation.
  • Standardization of secure access to the central site from the web browser.


  • A harmonization and simplification of the workstation of the employees.
  • An integration of the SalesForce software package with Mainframe transactions.
  • Secure access via the browser to the entire application fleet.

Crédit Lyonnais

  • The optimization of business processes by modeling a repository of good practices and the design of a manufacturing methodology of the workstation.
  • Referencing good practices and modeling work situations.
  • Implementation of the business-oriented workstation construction methodology.


  • A modernization and dynamisation of the commercial network by the management of the working day.
  • A deployment on more than 2800 posts (Front and Back Office).
  • An integration of various technologies, BPM and multimedia applications into the multi-screen business portal.

Société Marseillaise de Crédit

  • A simplification of the workstation by the work situations and good practices of the bank.
  • Improved operational performance and rapid uptake for newcomers.
  • JEE and Windows multi-generation application integration, mainframe in a single business portal.

Natixis Consumer Finance

  • An improvement in the operational efficiency of tele-advisers through the adoption of good practices.
  • An integration of heterogeneous sales tools and customer knowledge.
  • Reinforcing the cohesion and security of the employees's business session without any infrastructure impact.


  • A "tidy" view of business activities for employees from subsidiaries on three continents.
  • Integration of core banking and "group" and external software packages for business profiles.
  • A simplification of the use of the information system for new entrants.

Banque de détail internationnal

  • A harmonization and fluidification of sales processes in nearly 10 subsidiaries.
  • An integration of the core banking software and the CRM platform.
  • A simplification of infrastructure and multi lingual management.

Banque du Canton de Vaux

  • A rise in the skills of employees by a generalization of good practices of the bank.
  • Use in all areas of work: retail banking, corporate banking and private banking.
  • Web browser integration of JEE and Windows multi-generation, mainframe, CRM and telephony applications in a single business portal.